Legacy Logo

The Legacy logos have strict policies governing their use.  Please utilize the following guidelines:

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Using Legacy Logos

Legislative Direction for Use of Legacy Logo (Minnesota Laws 2010, chapter 361, article 3, section 5, (b)):

“A recipient of the funds from the outdoor heritage fund, parks and trails fund, clean water fund or arts and cultural heritage fund shall display, where practicable, a sign with the logo developed under this section on construction projects and at access points to any land or water resources acquired in fee or an interest in less than fee title, or that were restored, protected, or enhanced, and incorporate the logo, where practicable, into printed and other materials funded with money from one or more of the funds.”

All three logos are to be used in any publication related to your Legacy-funded event.  This includes but is not limited to posters, programs at the event, and surveys to measure outcomes.  The Legacy Logo must also be present on any equipment purchased or near any artwork created with Legacy funds. The Legacy logo cannot be used for any project or product that was not funded by Legacy.

The logos cannot be altered graphically in their usage.  This means no re-coloring (except grayscale) of any portion of the logos, no changing the angle of the logos, and no change to the proportions.  Size changes are allowed as long as proportion remains consistent.  Most Microsoft programs will force proportions to remain constant if you drag from the corner of the image and hold the Shift key.  Do not shrink any logo to less than ¾ of an inch in height.  Also, do not use the logos over complex backgrounds and do not outline them with boxes.

Exceptions to Use

When it is not possible to display the three logos, you may use the following disclaimer in their stead:

“This project is made possible with money from Minnesota’s Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund and the people of Minnesota for Library Legacy activities.”

The disclaimer does not need to be used when the three logos are present.

The Logos